The word vocation means calling. As Lutherans, we believe that God call us the various roles and responsibilities we have in our daily lives.

And the book outlines our four primary vocations. Those are our calling in our family, whether as a parent, child, spouse, aunts, uncle, etc. Whatever our role is, God calls us to serve him by loving and serving our families.

We also have our vocation at work in our jobs. We serve our employees or our employer, as well as our customers and clients.

We also have a vocation as members of our society. We’re to be active and involved and seek the welfare of the community in which we live.

And as Christians, we have a fourth vocation in the church; our calling to share Christ with the people around us.

Of course, as humans, we’re flawed and sinful, and so the way we live out our vocations is also flawed and sinful.

We fail our families, we cut corners at work, we neglect our neighbor, and fail to share Christ with others. We get impatient with others and hurt one another.

And yet despite the hardness of our hearts, and the sharpness of our edges, God still works through us to care for the human race through our work.

And so through all the imperfections of our vocations the perfect and eternal God shares his love with the world.

And through the vocations of others, he shares his love with us.