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Discerning God’s Call to Stephen Ministry

Step 1: Complete this online spiritual gifts assessment tool


3 Easy Steps:

  • Complete the assessment and click SUBMIT
  • We’ll send your results via email (usually within 24 hours)
  • Identify your top 3-4 spiritual gifts and read their descriptions in the report

Step 2: Pray & Discern


Once you receive the results of your spiritual gifts assessment, pray for guidance in discerning whether your spiritual gifts are suited to serving as a Stephen Minister.

If so, go on to Step 3.

If not, please click here to see some of the many other ways your gifts can be used to serve Christ at St. Mark’s.

While no Stephen Minister has all these gifts, most have one or more of these spiritual gifts in addition to their other gifts.

  • Faith – an unshakable trust and deep conviction that God faithfully and reliably keeps his promises (1 Corinth 12:9).
  • Mercy – a willingness and ability to perform acts of Christian kindness and compassion (Rom 12:8).
  • Teaching the Faith – the ability to clearly explain the Christian faith and equip individuals to apply it in their daily lives (Rom 12:7; 1 Corinth 12:28; Ephes 4:11).
  • Encouragement – the ability to inspire, comfort, motivate, strengthen, affirm, and be present with others so that they can meet life’s challenges with confidence Christ (Rom 12:8).
  • Knowing – possessing a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ and sharing the insights gained from it with others (1 Corinth 12:28).

Source: Stephen Leader Manual, Recruit and Select Stephen Ministers (S-4), p. 10-11

Step 3: Download and complete the Stephen Ministry Application

Step 4: Apply

Submit your completed application and spiritual gifts assessment using the contact form below or send to stephenministry@stmarksbg.org

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