Start the new year right. Resolve to renew your relationship with Jesus and with his church. Join us for Jesus 101.

Jesus 101

From January through April we’re reading through much of the Gospel of John – in Sunday worship and in daily readings. Worship for the first six Sundays of the New Year will feature readings that highlight key elements of who Jesus is – his work, his mission, and his teaching:

  • January 7 – Jesus Calls Followers, John 1:29-51
  • January 14 – Jesus Performs Wonders, John 2:1:12
  • January 21 – Jesus Disrupts our Sinful Ways, John 2:13-25
  • January 28 – Jesus Gives Eternal Life, John 3:1-21
  • February 4 – Jesus Brings in the Outsider, John 4:1-42
  • February 11 – Jesus Makes the Impossible Possible, John 9:1-41

This series is intended to renew our relationship with Jesus as we begin the New Year.