St. Mark’s uses an online software called Breeze to provide you with the ability to view and manage your church profile and giving history. To get started with your Breeze account, or to login, click here:

With a Breeze Online Account, you can see and manage:

Personal & Family Information

  • Giving History
  • Online Donations & Contributions
  • Online Church Directory

View & Edit My Own Information

  • Click the ★ My Profile
  • Hover over the gray title box
  • Single click on “Click to Edit Section”
  • Click the green “Save” button when done editing

Find Online Donations & Contributions

  • On the top blue bar choose “$ Give Now”
  • Enter your contribution amount
  • Choose your fund
  • Enter your payment Information
  • Choose either “One Time Gift” or select the frequency that you’d like to give
  • Click “Donate Now”

See My Giving History

  • Click the ★ My Profile
  • On the left-hand side choose “Giving”

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