Wood County Area Ministries (WAM)

WAM is a network of six area churches who pool funds for Wood County  residents in need.  It was created to help our local churches more efficiently meet the basic needs of the community.  WAM often steps in when other social services are exhausted, thus helping those in the most desperate need.  Some of the  common assistance provided includes rent assistance for those facing eviction, utility assistance, and emergency shelter.

How can I help?

While it is housed in St. Marks, WAM is truly an interfaith effort.  It is staffed Monday-Friday by members of its various churches.  Volunteers can expect to be trained on how to help petitioners fill out the application, call debtors, answer emails and phone calls, and to refer petitioners to other social services. 

You can also help WAM with financial assistance!  Sadly, every year WAM receives more petitions for aid than it has funds to meet.  While WAM is trying to add more local churches to its membership, any funds donated by church members are both greatly appreciated and needed! 

For more information or to offer help, please call the WAM office at 419-352-1322.


For information/volunteering, please contact WAM here!