Core Values


We believe that Christ-centered worship is the center of our Christian life. It is our declaration of what is valued and cherished. Therefore, worship will permeate every aspect of this church and our lives.


We believe that God desires his people to pray and he hears and answers prayer. Therefore, the ministries and activities of this church will be characterized by a reliance on prayer in their conception, planning and execution.


We believe that Christ calls us to serve the current needs in our community, without compromising our faith or values. In this way, we communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to our society in ways it can understand.

Loving Relationships

We believe that all people matter to God, and therefore, ought to matter to the church. Loving relationships should permeate every aspect of church life.


We acknowledge Christ as the head of our church and submit ourselves and all our activities to his will and good pleasure (Ephesians 1:22-23)


We believe that maintaining the highest ministry standards honors God and inspires people.

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