The Joseph Fund has been established to assist active member households in which:

  • One or more of the wage-earners has lost income due to lay-off / furlough / cut-back hours, or
  • A member of the household has significant medical expenses not covered by insurance

Who is eligible to receive monies?

The Joseph Fund assists active members of St. Mark’s who have:

  • Recently lost a source of income due to layoff / furlough / cutback in hours, or
  • Incurred significant medical expenses not covered by insurance

An active member is defined as a regular worship attender who:

  • Has made two or more offerings in the 6 months prior to applying for the fund
  • Has a current household income below 200% of federal poverty level per month

What expenses are eligible?

  • Housing (mortgage/rent)
  • Utilities
  • Medical Bills

Funds are capped and members may only receive one distribution every six months

How do members apply for assistance?

Protecting Your Privacy: Because of the sensitive nature of the fund, every effort will be made to protect the anonymity of applicants.

To apply for assistance from the Joseph Fund, active members are asked to contact Pastor Rob Spicer.

Pastor will guide members through the application process, and then redact all identifying information before submitting the need to the committee.

  • Members will complete a short application and provide proof of need
  • Funds will be paid directly to creditor

A committee of four Council members and the Parish Administrator will review the blinded application and make its decision. The Parish Administrator will contact the member household to inform them of the decision and provide approved funds.


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